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ammiano that essentially would make it the law in california that law enforcement could not use condoms as evidence for prostitution. the core of hiv prevention throughout this country has been the fact that condoms are very he critical to preventing hiv and other diseases. it is truly the most effective means by which to prevent transmission of this virus. unfortunately, in direct contradiction to that urgent public health message, we have in some parts of this country and some parts of this state law enforcement that actually use the possession of condoms by a person who is expected or expected of prostitution as evidence that that person indeed engaged in prostitution. and as a result of that, as a result, that law enforcement points to the existence or the use of a condom as evidence for prostitution, many individuals, many sex workers and those who fear being profiled as second workers no longer carry condoms with them, which is something that actually not only creates a public health hazard in terms of their health, but the health of the public as a whole. that really creates mult
not understood] studio design. the law offices of [speaker not understood], [speaker not understood] radio, studio 17 artists and the teaching writer. this is a great event, colleagues. i just would recommend coming down. [speaker not understood] a portion of t. if you have a poem to read, it will be a great way to share with the community. and that's just what i have today. i have a poem in a can that i want to share in honor of poems in the dome event. as you know, our poet laureate suggested that we actually have poetry here in the board chamber. i tried to work on that theme with a haiku for question time with the mayor, but now this is my term to actually open the can [speaker not understood] to read a poem. this is actually -- this can comes from frank and art mart which is actually an inner richmond institution. the practice conceptual themed art and i just love this idea. i want to promote spam. this poem is called numb and it's by jonathan greenal. the people stood quiet [speaker not understood], forging ideas, subjective. they needed worthless. they questioned the points, method
as there is still a discretionary approval action. so it would be the final discretionary principle of law >> so if you have a park renovation so the two categorical exemption the deadline to appeal would be the final discretionary act? >> so long as it's thirty days. >> that could be within the thirty days? >> it still has to be a discretionary. >> so in san francisco it's still thirty days. >> generally they would still be discretion for the city to act on with sequa. whether you could still implement changes to the project >> so what if another building permit is pulled could that trigger a sequa appeal? >> yes, but if it was a negative declaration the two ordinances your ordinance and supervisor kim's ordinance i think have pretty sure the same wondering and i want to say there's a couple of things in the planning commissions decision that were i thought inaccurate. i'm not sure how that happens but the community was very clear because negative declarations get much more in the public eye there's a process through the planning commission there wasn't a need to go through the process.
's the standard-bearer of laws in the long run. it serves a good purpose but it's if it's allowed to be abused it's bad. so the fact we're here having this conversation about codifying the process is a wonderful process. i would take a little bit of disagreement about sprinting to the finish line i think we're close to codifying rolls rules for projects and for mitigating the process is important. the sequa process impacts residents who are both neighbors of projects and it has to be fair to both currently it's not fair to either. i think supervisors chu's ideas but we hope in the next couple of weeks it benefits all the residents of the city >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> i just wanted to i'm not going to reap the previous speakers who have spoken. but i want to voice my southern this not be rushed through without having supervisors kim's amendment if you want to get this right slow down. let it work through the process. i haven't really taken the time to look and read supervisor chu's amendment but i did kind of like what was saying. i can't say if i fully support those amendments.
that violates the law from seven days to 15 days to provide more flexibility and enforcement. it also provides the director and the commission the power to require a sound test as a condition of a permit. in addition it provides the director with the ability when a club changes hands into a new place of entertainment permit is required to provide a provide temporary place of entertainment permit to bridge the gap for the business so the business does not have to shut down. these are a few examples. there are other provisions in the legislation as well. today i did introduce substitute legislation and one additional amendment to provide the director of public health with more administrative authority to enforce noise violations on corner streets. right now there is not enough flexibility in that enforcement and we're doing that. as i indicated i worked closely with staff to come up with the legislation. we also worked with the police department before introductions of the legislation. the small business commission did vote unanimously to support the legislation. i am happy to get your
in the ordinance that would change the ordinances of sequa law or otherwise limit the authority to decide sequa appeals. >> and i have some extra copies out front if anyone wants them. so we have that motion on the table and supervise kim >> the - so. >> so we have the motion to adopt the amendments and also the finding that i had adopted previously colleagues can we take them out objection? >> i want to appreciate all the members of the public that are here. it's really great to see how our community can be engaged in. but i talked in the beginning today about how there are two prospective's how did sequa can be presented to the council. the legislation that we have proposed intends to put into place a process of - that makes it easier for our public to be engaged in. admittedly this legislation is not about making the jobs of our planning staff earrings but i acknowledge this legislation does add work to the planning department. you'll see some of their concerns in our policy. however, we inside to have a process that is clearer and more transparent for the public then we should. real peo
challenges based on state law. i believe there are some concerns about enforcing those lifetime leases. so, since costa hawkins prevents restriction on property after sale. i wanted to make sure that the lifetime leases are signed and recorded prior to close of escrow. so, the following amendment would, one, prevent any contracted seller transfer converizonthed properties. 2, prevent sell until after the mapping process is complete and the lifetime leases have been recorded. the amendments will require the applicants to complete a form certifying no contract to transfer/sell until after mapping and will make the mapping contingent upon the completion of this form. >> okay, thank you, supervisor kim. colleagues, are there any additional comments? if not, then why don't we open it up to public comment. public comment will be two minutes. when you have 30 seconds left, you will hear a soft bell. when your time is up, you'll hear a louder bell. and if you would like to speak and if not filled out a blue card, please do so and hand it to the clerk. so, i will call the first batch of public spea
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)